Community Democracy

Although we're a small community, trust is built on a clear and democratic process when it comes to decision making. Our aim is to be as open, transparent and inclusive as possible, whilst working decisively to get things done.

The Annual Meeting

The Annual Meeting happens once per year, during the spring or summer months. It allows all shareholders to come together and discuss important matters and make bigger decisions requiring the consultation of all owners.

Not forgetting we're a community first, the Annual Meeting is also a get-together, so after discussing important matters, a drink is in order to get to know your neighbours.


2020 Annual Meeting
🗓 7th June 2020 at 18:00


Board of Directors

The Board of Directors meets quarterly to discuss important matters and make decisions within its working scope. This includes an annual review of the budget and fees, obtaining and reviewing quotes and appointing contractors where maintenance is required.

The Board of Directors is also there to review any requests or suggestions from shareholders and residents. For more pressing matters, the Board agrees matters digitally, where a response is required earlier.


Ideas 💡

If you don't want to wait for the Annual Meeting, you can suggest an idea anytime. The Board will look at all suggestions on a quarterly basis. The more ideas flow, the more we glow.

Services & Contractors

By self-managing LL2, we have greater control over day-to-day needs to ensure the best service-price ratio when contractors are required. Our aim is to get the best value services, fairly and transparently.

Preferred Suppliers

There are a few day-to-day requirements which the Board of Directors does not have the professional capacity to deal with. To ensure these matters are handled by professionals, the Board is setting up a list of preferred suppliers for all foreseeable requirements.

This is one of the first tasks of the new Board, however once set-up there will be a choice of preferred suppliers to handle matters such as legal queries, groundworks, maintenance etc. Where appropriate, costs will be covered by the party requiring these services, such as contractors or buyers.



To get a list of preferred suppliers, the Board of Directors will conduct a thorough and transparent procurement process, requiring two or three quotes before contracting.

All quotes received will be discussed during quarterly Board meetings, with copies of offers stored digitally should others wish to view them. Selection will consider the best price/quality ratio, recommendations from other residents is also considered in the process.


Suggestions 👷‍♀️

Trusted recommendations are always the most reliable. If you have contractors you recommend, let us know, so we can invite them to tender to be on our preferred suppliers list. This can be solicitors through to groundworks.

Free to Request

The Board has worked hard to digitise past records and set a new digital transparency standard going forward. All communication, minutes, quotes, accounts and contracts can be viewed online by shareholders on request.

Digital Paper Trail

Since the new Board of Directors was appointed, significant back-tracing work was carried out to digitise as much as possible. Going forward, all activities of the Board will be fully accessible for audit, should any shareholder wish to.

The Board of Directors maintains digital records of all requests or enquiries, quotations and documents, finances, accounts as well as meeting agendas and minutes. The Board uses a collaborative project platform, Asana, to organise its work and Google Drive to store all documents and records and Wave App for accounting and fee issuing. These are all free platforms.

Access Requests

With transparency and trust being key principles of the Board of Directors, we are happy to make any documents, quotes, minutes, enquiries or financial records available on request.

If you wish to do so, don't hesitate to ask us.

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